Case Study: Global Staffing Company

A global sourcing and managed service provider, delivering workforce solutions to the Fortune 1000 and government government agencies across the globe.  The company is customer-first oriented and bottom-line driven, requiring us to focus our efforts on developing flexible solutions that can pivot as customers demand, and real/tangible cost reduction initiatives and productivity enhancements that directly result in net savings for the company.  Located in Detroit, Mi

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Hodge-podge of systems, Reporting was a manual process, Antiquated accounting system, Too much tribal-knowledge

Key Issues:

  • Hodge-podge of Systems

    Operations systems were hand-built by consultants over a 10 year period, using different technologies.

  • Reporting was a manual process 

    Excel was used to collate and report-out on data.

  • Antiquated accounting system 

    The company was using an outdated version of Solomon, with limited local resources to support it.

  • Too Much Tribal-Knowledge

    System and process knowledge was lost in the transition of internal resources over the years.

Tackled low-hanging fruit, Automated daily, weekly, and monthly reports, Researched and trained staff, Documented systems, integrations, and processes.

How We Helped:

  • Tackled low-hanging fruit

    Within first 12 months by eliminating redundancies, consolidating integration jobs, and building alerts/monitors to better get in front of issues.

  • Automated daily, weekly, and monthly reports 

    Provided a centralized web-based portal for easier viewing of the data.

  • Researched & Trained Staff

    Solomon was an older version, so Traction staff trained on its related databases, infrastructure, and integration points

  • Documented systems, integrations, and processes

    Executed continual Lunch & Learn workshops to ensure staff at Traction were able to support the client. 

Decreased support-related spend by $8k/month, Reduced labor-time, Decreased wait-times, Client can rely on support channel

The Result:

  • Support-related spend decreased by $8k/month

    Documented decrease from $10k per month down to less than $2k per month on rolling 12 month average.

  • Reduced labor-time

    Eliminated manual collation of information and generation of reports by over 1 man-year.

  • Decreased wait-times for basic Solomon support

    Data cleanup tickets went from 3 days to resolve to near real-time resolution.

  • Client can now rely on support 

    We successfully augmented their own internal technical staff, ensuring continuity of knowledge and assistance in ramp-up of new personnel.

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