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Simplify ERP with TractionERP:  Our solution simplifies enterprise resource planning (ERP) by addressing common challenges and barriers. Born from two decades of hands-on experience, we offer a seamless, fully integrated system designed for efficiency.

Harness the Power of Leading Technologies: TractionERP integrates Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365,, Odoo ERP, and Power BI. This synergy provides manufacturers, distributors, and service organizations with a single set of cutting-edge tools to empower Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Operations, and Finance teams to work smarter together.

Future-Proof Your Business: With over 10,000 app extensions and a robust developer community, TractionERP systems are not just a solution for today but a platform that evolves with your business. We give you the edge in an ever-changing business world.

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Sales / Pipeline / CRM

Most CRMs fail due to one simple fact - they are too complicated to use.  Sales professionals need a simplistic system to quickly track status and next-steps with clients, while still providing robust pipeline and quoting capabilities when needed. With TractionERP, we leverage KPIs, signal indicators, pull-downs, and call-cycles to automate follow-up and simplify data-entry.

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Implementing MRP at your company can be a daunting challenge.  TractionERP supports both standard MRP implementations, as well as a slow-roll approach for companies that have yet to fully realize manufacturing automation. With simple or multi-level BOMs, project tracking, and more - we have strategies to realize MRP at your company,  without bogging down your team.

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Warehouse Management

Distributors have large challenges these days - from multiple warehouses, to consignment and vending-machine stock, to auto-replenishment and serial/lot tracking. Leveraging a true ledger-based inventory tracking system, TractionERP's WMS system will help you track any product or component - from vendor to customer - and view all of the steps in-between.

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Project & Time Tracking

Now more than ever, companies must meet the challenges of custom, complex, and often one-off requests from clients and internal customers alike.  TractionERP's full suite of service-oriented modules empowers you to track and manage any project you may have - regardless of whether it is tracked for billing purposes or not.

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Accounting & Expenses

Commanding the same power and control as SAP B1, NetSuite, and Microsoft GP, yet with an interface as simple as Quickbooks, TractionERP provides accountants with full lock-control capabilities, while managers get the ease and simplicity of click-thru reporting.  And with automatic bank synchronization, monthly reconciliation has never been easier.

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Analytics & Reports

Going beyond standard "built-in" reporting capabilities, TractionERP leverages the full power of Microsoft Power BI.  Gain powerful insights with Azure Cognitive Services -  a full suite of Artificial Intelligence tools - to forecast opportunity and changes in cycles. Or utilize our standard models and reports as a basis for your own custom dashboards and reports. 

TractionERP pre-integrates best-of-breed software like Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, Odoo ERP, Power BI, Artificial Intelligence and provides manufacturers, distributors, and professional services teams with an all-in-one solution to run their entire business.

The Traction Platform

At Traction, our value is in integrationutilization, mentoring, and training.  We have over 20 years worth of experience in Digital Transformation leveraging tools like Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, Odoo ERP, and Power BI.  Our clients are from all different industries - from Manufacturing and Distribution to Legal and Financial Services - and those experiences allow us to challenge the status-quo in any company.  

And now, with our TractionERP Offering, we provide customers with a complete, pre-integrated end-to-end business solution that is simple to train, yet powerful enough to run enterprises up to $1b.  Leveraging best-of-breed applications you already know - like Microsoft Dynamics,, Office 365, Power BI and Power Apps, and Odoo ERP - Traction will help your business sell more, and reach greater efficiency, all while working from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

We've been supporting sales, marketing, operations, and financial teams for over 20 years.  We know a thing or two about Digital Transformation.

Let us show you "the better way" - with TractionERP.