Case Study: Language Services Company

A leading international provider of language training, multicultural training, translation and destination services for global corporations.  The company had a highly-customized ERP system that was in dire need of upgrades, servicing, and modernization.  They also were looking for sales and marketing capabilities via a new CRM implementation. Located in Troy, Michigan

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and | Simple, 2-click interfaces to keep your sales team driving for opportunity


No Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), No data visibility, Sales Managers tied to their desks, Too much paper

Key Issues:

  • Laundry list of "todos" and backlogged needs and issues 

    Due to the complexity of the system, development and issues took too long to resolve.

  • Too much tribal-knowledge within the development department

    Most systems were supported by a single technical resource, and knowledge of systems was not documented.

  • New customer-facing portal was not integrated with ERP 

    A slick new customer-facing portal was ready for rollout, but it lived in a silo and did not communicate with their central system.

  • No Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

    Tools were lacking to monitor end-customer interactions and distributor sales activity.

Implemented and trained on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Created distributor-facing portal, Staged and trained managers for Mobile CRM, Monday Morning Quarterback system (MMQB)

How We Helped:

  • Quick ramp-up timeline, attacking open ticket list within first 2 weeks

    Reviewed all code and resolved most-pressing issues and functionality first.

  • Audited all workfows, code, and systems in use 

    Worked with teams to identify items to remove, streamlining forms and simplifying the interfaces.  Documented these as we went forward for future support needs.

  • Built custom middleware into existing systems and workflows

    Created new APIs and message queues to allow for mutual authentications between different systems and ensured data flowed between new and legacy systems.

  • Implemented and trained staff on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

    Integrated CRM with ERP to provide streamlined metrics at the Account level.

360 View of end-customer and distributors, Distributors have real-time access to leads, Sales managers can work from anywhere, Centralized all follow-ups

The Result:

  • Client saw immediate value and progress towards the goal 

    Technical issues no longer bogged-down the order-entry process, and follow-ups were automated to reduce manual labor.

  • Reduced labor by one man-year within first 60 days 

    Staff were able to reset from reactive to proactive in customer satisfaction and sales related duties.

  • Seemless customer experience 

    Although the system still comprised of two different portals using two different technologies, information flow and authentication hand-off was transparent to the end client.

  • Client now has a central 360 view of the end-customer 

    Opportunities, visits, distributor interactions, and sales metrics are all available for review.

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