Case Study: US Based Manufacturer

A US based manufacturer of digital and analog I/O equipment for various industries, such as Defense, Aerospace, OEM, Automotive, and Power.  The company mainly sells via distribution, thus providing challenges of managing a “sales force” that they do not directly employ.  They also lacked internal skills to provide a clear vision for their distributed sales force. Located in Wixom, Michigan

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and | Simple, 2-click interfaces to keep your sales team driving for opportunity


No Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), No data visibility, Sales Managers tied to their desks, Too much paper

Key Issues:

  • No Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

    Tools were lacking to monitor end-customer interactions and distributor sales activity.

  • No data visibility to outside sales reps 

    Distributors were locked out of internal systems, and lacking in real-time data.

  • Sales Managers were tied to their desks 

    All data tools required a laptop or computer connected to their VPN, which was unreliable

  • Too Much Paper Pushing 

    Internal staff were bogged down with keeping track of simple follow-ups and tasks on paper and in notebooks.

Implemented and trained on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Created distributor-facing portal, Staged and trained managers for Mobile CRM, Monday Morning Quarterback system (MMQB)

How We Helped:

  • Implemented and trained staff on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Integrated CRM with ERP to provide streamlined metrics at the Account level.

  • Created distributor-facing portal, integrated with their CRM system

    And Vendor Scorecards for better visibility and engagement.

  • Staged and trained managers for mobile CRM access

    And OneDrive For Business for mobile file access

  • Monday Morning Quarterback (MMQB) system

    Allowed for automated email-based reports based on actual live data.

360 View of end-customer and distributors, Distributors have real-time access to leads, Sales managers can work from anywhere, Centralized all follow-ups

The Result:

  • Client now has a central 360 view of the end-customer

    Opportunities, visits, distributor interactions, and sales metrics are all available for review.

  • Distributors have real-time access to their leads and follow-ups 

    Automated scorecards enable candid discussions on distributor performance.

  • Sales Managers can now work from anywhere

    Providing them with less “desk work” when they return from lengthy road trips.

  • Centralized all follow-ups

    Allowed for just-in-time notifications for individual reps. Reduced training time of CRM via push alerts and direct web-links

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