Proactive KPIs and Metrics

Red / Yellow / Green visuals to identify issues and hotspots.  AI Tools to alert you of trends and emerging affinity.  2-Click alerts and personalizations.

Dr. William Edwards Deming once said, "Managements job is to know which systems are stable, and which ones are not."  What most companies lack are insights into quickly identifying which processes are running smoothly, and which should be looked at for improvements or corrections.

Leveraging Microsoft Power BI, Dynamics 365 Sales and Service Insights, and SQL Server Reporting Services, we take the guesswork out of your improvement strategies.  With clean visuals, we transform data into action - challenge teams to dive into the "reds" and the "yellows". We utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide insights and trends into data-points you may not specifically be tracking.  And with proactive Email Alerts, you can ensure immediate action on your most relevant metrics - immediately - as change happens.

See why Power BI is better than Syteline, Global Shop, and Plex Systems
See why Power BI Dashboards are better than Syteline, Global Shop, and Plex Systems

Visually Track Trends and Pinpoint Problems

Modern traffic stoplights - the ones we use every day at intersections across America - are amazing.  Did you know their internal mechanisms include timers, switches, capacitors, power converters, and even sensors that analyze real-time traffic to optimize the flow of roads?  Yet their external interface - their interaction with the user - is just red, yellow, and green lights.  Everyone knows what they mean - no training involved.  Wouldn't it be nice if your data reports were so simple?

With Traction ERP, we take the complexity out of data reporting by marrying simple everyday visuals to your data - giving users immediate feedback and direction on where to act.  By extracting tribal-knowledge and embedding it directly into your dashboards, your data can tell a rich story of where teams should focus their time and energies to mitigate risk and improve everyday processes.

No more exporting data into Excel and massaging numbers, or scrolling through pages of printed data and PDFs.  Our analytic solutions can utilize data from just about any data source or application - and deliver it in a format that fits your desktop, and your tablet, and your phone.  Your data - anywhere, anytime.

Syteline, Global Shop, and Plex Systems do not have AI - but Power BI Does

Gain Insights Into "What You Don't Know" With Artificial Intelligence

After a while of working within the same datasets and processes, everything starts to look the same. Sometimes an "outside observer" is just what the doctor ordered - their ability to see from a different perspective, or identify a different pattern that you weren't looking for - can be the linchpin to your next new opportunity or process improvement.

By combining our streamlined CRM, ERP, and Communication-based data models with Artificial Intelligence powered by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, our analytic reports go beyond simple KPIs and data trends.  Providing you with corollary observations and anecdotal insights into your systems and data, our AI reports can bring to light new categories and segments of your business that are empowering sales, driving opportunity, streamlining product delivery, or eliminating barriers with clients. And with call-center recording capabilities, its never been easier to identify "what" your sales and service teams are saying to better identify quality and accuracy of your services.

Compare Power BI Alerts to Syteline, Global Shop, and Plex Systems

Stay On-Top Of KPIs And Critical Numbers

Being responsive to changing business processes is vital.  But what good are reports and dashboards if the information contained within fails to reach you in time?  Your data needs to be proactive - alerting you at the exact moment of change.  That is where our Alert Hub system comes into play.

More than just a visual metric that lives on a dashboard, you can ensure your data seeks you out, as the event happens.  Simply pick a KPI, set an alert threshold, and our push-alerts will send you an email or a pop-up to your phone when the KPI reaches that limit.  Staying on top of budgets, workcenter issues, or late shipments has never been easier.  With simple over/under rules, your team can proactively monitor the metrics they utilize the most.

And, by leveraging the power of Alert Hub Workflows, your alerts can actually trigger other actions - from Cases in CRM, to Maintenance Work Orders in ERP, and much more.  Drive action and automation within your company - with Traction ERP.

We've been supporting sales, marketing, operations, and financial teams for over 20 years.  We know a thing or two about ERP - 

Let us show you "the better way" - with Traction ERP.